…once upon a time there was at "Poderino" ….

"If the old walls could speak, they would tell us about happy days with music and laughter…

…but also about imperceptible breathings, the fear to be discovered by the enemy, of evenings in front of the fireplace, of birth and farewells…..

Il Poderino - Roccastrada - Grosseto-

In the heart of Maremma in Tuscany, surrounded by oak forests "Poderino" preserves the history of the past

A magic place close to the mediterranean sea and surrounded by the Tuscan landscape.

"Poderino" still preserves the warmth of the ancient stillness.

A place for a very particular vacation

"Poderino" still today preserves the taste of the past

Il Poderino Loc. Colombaio 58036 Roccastrada (GR) - Toscana - Italia - info@ilpoderinotoscana.it